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StrandVision Digital Signage offers pre-produced animated templates that will cover 15 themes from diversity and ethics, to safety and morale, spanning hundreds of specific subjects. Designed for both employee communication and general public audiences the Communications Campaign Library motivates, educates and informs digital signage viewers while demonstrating the organization's commitment to long-term and worthwhile green initiatives.

Printing Costs the Environment

Printing Costs the Environment

Printing has a major environmental cost

The paper industry is the second largest consumer of energy and uses more water than any other industry.

Every tree that is cut down could produce enough oxygen for 2 people for a lifetime.

In 2003, paper accounted for 35% of total materials discarded.

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Psalm 85:6

Wilt thou not quicken us again, That thy people may rejoice in thee?

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Which human organ secretes bile, forms blood proteins, and stores vitamins for later release into the bloodstream?


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