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Press Kit

StrandVision Digital Signage Media Materials

Share in the excitement of digital signage solutions with this electronic press kit from StrandVision. This media kit is designed to share digital signage information with a quick synopsis of recent electronic signage press activity and a summary of other aspects that may be needed about the company. If you have questions, ideas or are interested in more information about a digital signage network, call us at or email us at mjstrandweb at

Corporate Profile


Address N5926 203rd Street, Menomonie, WI 54751-5204 - USA
Company Contact mjstrandweb at - ext 100


StrandVision, LLC is a Wisconsin based partnership that is a small business with less then 50 employees. It was started in August, 2003 by Mike Strand.

He previously ran StrandWare, an international bar code software manufacturer. During its initial 13 years, StrandWare produced over 27 titles, including the label design software, Label Matrix. After selling StrandWare, Mike consulted with area businesses to improve their business marketing, processes, technology usage, and employee productivity.

Mike discovered that communication to customers and employees was a consistent need for these diverse companies. Wanting to help, he developed this site as an experiment. It has evolved to show custom messages to millions of people every year. For additional information, please view our corporate background brochure.

Executive Summary

Mike Strand

Mike Strand - President & CEO

Mike Strand is president of StrandVision, an Internet ASP that allows customers to create and provide their own custom digital signage business marketing messages to customers and employees via the Internet. Prior to this, Strand joined Milwaukee based Brady Worldwide as Global Technology Advisor in 2001 following the acquisition of StrandWare Inc., which he founded in 1988. In his previous role, he was responsible for strategic and day-to-day operations as well as the marketing and technical direction of the company. Under his leadership, StrandWare became an internationallyrecognized name in the bar code industry and garnered several industry awards. Prior to founding StrandWare, he was a programmer with Cray Research Inc. and Delta Technology International Inc.

Quick Facts

History: Started in August, 2003 (read more)
Locations: Menomonie, WI (read more)
Products/Pricing: Internet based digital signage software and related equipment. Average system is around $1,800 per screen for the first year and $660 per year thereafter. (read more)
Communication Types:

Employee Communications, Marketing Communications, Visitor Communications

Industries Supported:
Customers: Customer List
Mission/Vision/Values: StrandVision Digital Signage is here to help companies effectively communicate and evolve relationships with their customers and employees. (Read More)

Recent Releases

Here are the last 3 press releases. You can see more here.

StrandVision Digital Signage Introduces wall mounted meeting room Electronic Signage Digital Media Player Displays

Also debuts software to drive up to 50 players for $499.99 per year…
February 18, 2016 - general > See More

StrandVision Offers Automatic Holiday and Seasonal Digital Signage Content for Electronic Signage

Eighth in the series of corporate sustainability-themed libraries that automatically shows upcoming holiday content throughout the year…
November 19, 2015 - features > See More

StrandVision Digital Signage Offers Entertaining and Motivational Famous Quotes for Electronic Signage

StrandVision Digital Signage introduces the seventh in the series of the free digital signage library of pre-produced animated customer and employee communication electronic signage page templates that offers motivational quotes from famous people.
October 7, 2015 - features > See More

Recent Case Studies

Here are the last 3 case studies / white papers. You can see more here.

StrandVision Drives Double Sided Outdoor Billboard for Dynamite Auto

StrandVision recently managed the installation of a Formetco double sided 6x12 foot outdoor billboard / sign. The digital signage content for these signs are individually controlled and scheduled using the versatile StrandVision web management portal.
June 28, 2016 - transportation > See More

StrandVision Helps Hyatt Regency McCormick Place through XP Transition - Upgrades other Vendor's Outdated Digital Signage Networks

StrandVision recently came to the rescue of Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago where three front-of-house digital signage networks were converted from another digital signage supplier to make things easier while saving cost.
May 15, 2014 - hotel > See More


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Mike Strand


StrandVision, LLC

N5926 203rd Street
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